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Frontier Post English News Paper Peshawar Pakistan

The Frontier Post newspaper stood the first English day-to-day newspaper from Peshawar that was launched in 1984, a city that was one of the most backward deprived region in Pakistan. It had been not solely the primary English newspaper however any reasonably a newspaper of media body started by a Pakhtoon. The societies of Peshawar in general and Pakhtoons particularly thought about the introduction of The Frontier Post from Peshawar as an unbounded integrity. It had been the primary newspaper that was reciprocally printed in each Pakistan and Afghanistan. The headquarter of frontier post is about in Peshawar and is additionally printed from Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, and Quetta. The newspaper incorporates a history of standing up for democracy and social rights, and for raising the say of the demoted and troubled communities of Pakistan. The instigator, chief editor and publisher, Rehmat Shah Afridi has mad long-lasting struggle for social equality and media independence in Pakistan. The resident editor, Mustafa Nazir Ahmad, is Pakistan's foremost journalists, researchers and development experts. He has ran in senior capacities for leading English daily newspapers and development organizations, besides teaching at prime academies of the country.

Frontier Post Peshawar earned nice name right once its promotion owing to the attack of Afghanistan by the USSR. The frontier post owing to its policy of reality and morality has gone through several highs and lows; however it's continually pop out through robust times honorably and respectfully. The Afghanistan/ Islamic State of Afghanistan page of The Frontier Post was added in year 2000 and it has been since then that its circulation has become prominent in Afghanistan of any print media institute. Average over twelve thousand copies of The Frontier Post are sent to the various cities of Afghanistan together with, Jalalabad, Kabul and metropolis. The Frontier Post has one in the entire prime readership in Rawanlpindi and capital of Pakistan. The people of Pakistan have belief in the credibility of The Frontier Post because through these twenty six years they have appreciated that this newspaper do not write something personal in contradiction of somebody or institute. Launch of The frontier Post from Quetta proved to be an excellent accomplishment currently The Frontier Post isn’t lone the biggest English daily of the KPK province however additionally for the Balochistan Province.

Daily Frontier Post restarted from Lahore on Sept twenty fifth, 2007 and since then the readership throughout geographic area has raised manifolds. In 2010 Karachi edition of The Frontier Post has begun and a positive response from the individuals of Sindh is predicted. Frontier post news is now thought to be one of factual and truth based news.

Frontier post magazine is additionally an accomplishment of this newspaper as that magazine attracted the readers towards itself owing to its untold stories, information and plenty of alternative relevant material that is verified to be an excellent supply of knowledge for the readers. Frontier Post Epaper may be scan on-line the web site link and

Frontier post has found to be a median because it features a section of Frontier Post Jobs ads that have verified to be authentic supply of jobs for job seekers. Frontier post may be followed on social media to urge updates concerning happening across the nation and internationally from the fast supply of knowledge

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